New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s Get Realistic

Hi Social Climbers, and happy 2023 to you! God, these past two weeks have just gone ridiculously quickly! I had a lovely relaxing first week of holiday, and then a very, very busy second week of holiday that included a grand tour of family gatherings, wrangling an overtired Mini Mapland, and a 1920s murder mystery…

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3 Ways to Add Consistency to Your Content

Be consistent, be, be consistent! That was my best(ish) cheerleader impression, by the way… In my eight years (for Jaysus, really?!) of working in social media, the most consistent advice that I’ve seen/heard/read is that being consistent will bring you consistent customers. Consistently.  One more time? Con-sist-ent.  I’ve just had one of those thousand or…

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How long should you spend on social media?

Don’t hate me, but how long is a piece of string?!

There isn’t a silver bullet, magic formula, straight up answer for this, I’m afraid – but there are a couple of things you can do:

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